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Pierce Brosnan

In school, Pierce was named "Irish" for his accent. He was teased because of him moving from Ireland to London at 11 years old. His dialect stood out from the people in his class. "I was an outsider and that made it difficult. I was ribbed a lot because of my accent and was nicknamed 'Irish.' I was also very shy—which didn't help. But the important thing is I survived the experience". He would train himself to speak with an English accent, which resulted in him having a Cockney twang. He was also 6 feet tall which made him stand out even more; he says “I had great support in family and friends.” When one of his teachers saw the incident they “sent me with a note to the principal's office to report the incident.



Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga talks about what she thinks teachers views are in this youtube video.



Jessie J

She claimed that she was tough enough to cope with bullying because she was made to cry by a music teacher at school. She says “I used to have a teacher who made me cry every day.” 

“I was called 'alien' because I had a heart problem, so I had these beta-blockers that actually turned my skin green

At the time, [the bullying] was horrific.” (source: The Big Issue)

Now, Jessie has achieved world-wide fame and has a distinct image that is idolised by millions of fans across the globe, but back in her school-days, being different wasn't a signature of being special – it was a direct invitation to be picked on, even her sticky-out teeth were a reason to be bullied.

(All taken from pages 19 – 20, in her book Nice To Meet You


Jessie "never really knew who her friends were or who to trust” and she has written about her torrid times  at school. The people who did want to target her for the really nasty stuff were crafty about how they did it – they wouldn't want to get caught by the teacher, but they knew once they were out of the school gates and no one in authority was watching, they could get away with what they wanted. They would follow her and throw stones at her. It was really sad to see. She ended up blending in and trying to hide away. They eroded her confidence and made her afraid to be herself. She became a total shadow of the happy-go-lucky girl she'd once been. They killed her fighting spirit – but, thank God, not for long.”

Page 21 in Nice To Meet You


Read more about Jessie's experience in this revealing article from the Daily Mail's website



One Direction's Liam Payne:

“I was a victim of bullying back in school. My advice is to always tell someone straight away and ask for help. Keeping it to yourself will only be more damaging in the long run.” - Liam Payne



JLS star Aston Merrygold is using his fame to help to stop bullying.

The X Factor runner-up has become an ambassador for the Beatbullying charity, after speaking out about his own experience at the hands of bullies.

"At school I got on well with people, but even though I was kept busy... I did experience bullying" he said, adding "we all have a lot to do to speak up and stop bullying by getting teachers, parents and even the government talking about it and stopping it happening."

Click here for advice on beating the bullies

Aston praised Beatbullying's work and said he wanted more kids to realise that there is help available if they're being bullied and feel they have nowhere to turn.

"CyberMentors are really brilliant kids who are trained by Beatbullying, who then come together in their own time to give advice and support to their peers" he said.

"That's a brilliant thing to do. I can imagine that when I was being bullied, I would have really welcomed the support of someone who's been there themselves."


Click here to go to the JLS anti-bullying site and here to read more about Aston's involvement with Beatbullying




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