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Short Term Effects of Bullying


Some of the short term effects of bullying that may be experienced by a young person:

  • Depression. The young person is constantly sad or withdrawn

  • Nightmares or screaming during sleep.

  • Wetting the bed. This is seen more with younger children

  • Low or no self-esteem or motivation

  • Physical effects like: stomach ache, headache or tension headache (as commonly found in other stressful situations).

  • Truancy or frightened to travel to and from school.

  • Poor performance in school causing grades to drop dramatically

  • Development of Social Anxiety Disorder [SAD] - also known as social phobia. More information and help on this can be found at: http://www.social-anxiety.org.uk/

Long Term Effects of Bullying


Victims often end up suffering from problems in adulthood in more severe cases. Some of the long term effects that are known are:

  • Chronic depression, which occasionally leaves them having suicidal thoughts / tendencies.

  • Psychological disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder [PTSD]. More information about that can be found here.

  • Possibility of becoming alcohol or drug dependent, this is done as a way of self-coping.


Some victims need psychological help to manage the situation. If it is given, it can help the child overcome the effects of bullying. If the child develops a mental health problem or has feelings linked to mental health youngminds.org.uk is a great place to get support however if the person would just like to talk to someone they can find help available from childline.org.uk.


The above information has been taken from various sources that each provide further information for anybody who wants to know more:





NSPCC bullying site