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What is Bullying?

Many people say that bullying is the worst thing 
that can ever happen to anyone. 

Bullying can happen anywhere to anyone.

Bullying has many forms:


This consists of:
• Hitting
• Kicking
• Pushing or Pulling someone around
• Destroying personal items or messing with them
• Items being stolen e.g. money etc.

This consists of:
• Name calling
• Threatening
• Teasing
• Humiliation
• Intimidation

This consists of:
• Someone being ignored or left out of activities
• Rumours being spread
• Manipulation
• Telling lies about someone
• Gossiping about someone

Bullying can also be seen in other forms such as abuse, (Including neglect and sexual abuse) and emotional bullying.
A quote from Liam Payne from One Direction: “I was a victim of bullying back in school. My advice is to always tell someone straight away and ask for help. Keeping it to yourself will only be more damaging in the long run.”

Above information was taken from: http://www.devangroup.moonfruit.com/bullying/4584610523